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STUDIO 31468/01/15 Lucide в Ярославле

STUDIO 31468/01/15 LucideДля дизайнера заложена хорошая скидка !

The Studio is an odd duck among pendent lamps. The design refers to the beautiful flashes and lights in a photography or film studio and is finished in a modern grey colour. An extra feature is the directability of this pendent lamp. The lamp абажур moves freely thanks to an ingenious axle in the armature. The lamp абажур has a diameter at the bottom of 50 centimetres. The height is settable with a maximum of 175 centimetres and a minimum of 55 centimetres. This Studio is an outstanding choice in modern interiors.

style - modern

use - indoor

class - 1

dimmable - yes

adjustable - yes

length - 59

width - 59

max. height - 175

min. height - 55

height shade - 27.5

Diameter shade base - 50

Lamp included - no

Lamp quantity - 1

Lamp socket - E27

Lamp source - without bulb

Lamp W - 60

Lamp V - 220

Lamp energielabel - A++ - E

Масса - 3.9
Актуализация цены от 25 Jul 2016 г.
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STUDIO 31468/01/15 Lucide STUDIO 31468/01/15 Lucide
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29 Jun 2018 - 23:23
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