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Foscarini Flip бра в Москве

Foscarini Flip браПроизводитель Foscarini
Flip wall lamp by Foscarini
Производитель Foscarini
Артикул Flip
Дизайн Simon Pengelly 2013
Материал metal, polycarbonate
Размер (см) 28x13x31
Цоколь R7s 18mm
Лампа в комплекте no
Количество ламп 1
Мощность 120W

Wall lamp Flip by Foscarini A domestic sculpture to admire as well as touch, to direct its warm beam of light. Flip has a dual nature, yet at the same time it has a unique visual personality, consisting of irregular lines which cut horizontally across a plastic and organic shape, lightening the volume and giving off - also visually - the idea of movement itself. An harmonious result that stems from a concept of lightness and which takes shape in a lamp that is original in both its shape and in the emotions it arouses. The shape of the flip diffuser, made of injection moulded polycarbonate, is no coincidence, curving where the central pins are situated, folding back like a pair of wings to allow the adjustment of the lamp efficiently as well as elegantly. Flip can thus produce an effect where the luminosity is reflected towards the ceiling, diffusing the light throughout the room like a wall lamp, or lighting a specific limited area downwards. The slits light up in turn, like luminous cuts: not mere decorations, but an integral part of the structure. Beautiful both when on and off, flip is a versatile object which can be used as a wall lamp but which can also go much further, turning in a simple movement into a reading lamp beside a bed, or into an ambient light. For this reason, it can be used in the most disparate situations, and it is also available in the version with a led light, affording high energy efficiency levels and durability, qualities which are retained thanks to foscarini's efforts to achieve the same emotional impact as the traditional light source.

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Foscarini Flip бра Foscarini Flip бра
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Россия, Москва и Московская обл., Москва
Дата публикации:
21 Apr 2017 - 13:26
в Апреле [], всего [117]

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