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Подвесной светильник 1680071 10 Foscarini в Москве

Подвесной светильник 1680071 10 FoscariniПроизводитель Foscarini
Pendant Gregg grande by Foscarini
Производитель Foscarini:
Article: Gregg grande
Материал glass
Размер (см) 47x40 height: max. 230
Lights inclusive? No
Источник света E27 standard
Количество ламп 1
Мощность max. 205W

Gregg grande pendant by Foscarini A product of natural inspiration and extensive research, Gregg’s shape is reminiscent of a large pebble, its surface polished by the water. It could even be seen as the egg of some mythological beast, a symbol of creation and re-birth. Pure volume with a familiar ease of interpretation, yet one that is surprising, because Gregg’s asymmetric shape changes depending on the point of view of the person observing it. This is a new solution where a traditional material like glass becomes a tool in the designer’s hands to give an original character to an environment. There are three different sizes in the hanging, table, ceiling and wall versions and four different solutions for the floor lamp: the Gregg collection is one of the most versatile and transversal and can be easily placed in any type of setting. In the home environment the warm, uniform light produced by the white satined diffuser and its essential style have a strong functional and decorative value. Thanks to the closed shape of the diffuser, the bulb is screened in all directions, which protects from dazzle and makes it easy to place even at different heights. When part of a composition, Gregg is suitable for some of the most surprising uses. A ‘raindrop’ structure highlights the vertical extension of a window or stairway, producing an extremely striking effect. Vertical arrangement of a multitude of suspensions at various heights generates spectacular luminous false ceilings. The repetition of the volume along a line produces new perspectives to create trompe l’oeil effect.

Архитекторам и дизайнерам, применяющим в своей работе светильники Foscarini, предоставим специальные условия на заказ. Архитекторы, проектировщики, дизайнеры - звоните чтобы обсудить возможные условия для вас.   
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Подвесной светильник 1680071 10 Foscarini Подвесной светильник 1680071 10 Foscarini
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Россия, Москва и Московская обл., Москва
Дата публикации:
21 Apr 2017 - 13:13
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