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Foscarini настольная лампа 245001 в Москве

Foscarini настольная лампа 245001Производитель Foscarini
Цвет ivory
Doll by Foscarini
Производитель Foscarini
Артикул Doll
Материал glass
Размер (см) 17x22
Lights inclusive? No
Источник света E14 standard
Количество ламп 1
Мощность 12W

Table lamp Doll by Foscarini Doll is a small table lamp inspired by the shape of the traditional Japanese ‘Kokeshi Doll’. A round head and body, just like the Kokeshi doll’s silhouette, Doll has two simple and distinct volumes that create a new personality on the contemporary home scene. The head and body of Doll use two different materials for sensation and tradition: blown glass and plastic. The first emanates a warm, magical, diffused light, the plastic body uses the language of color. A black plastic ring draws a graphic sign that connects the two elements and, at the same time, acts as a support for the light source within. Doll was not designed to stay still in one place, but to travel through different rooms in the home: on the bedside table, an occasional table or a desk, for reading, studying or to add a luminous, decorative element to every space. The range of colors available allows this little lamp to blend with various domestic landscapes and lifestyles. Naturally elegant in green, warm and refined in grey, soft and reassuring in ivory, brilliant and exuberant in red, four shades allow everyone to choose their ideal Doll. Its personality and friendliness are emphasized with customized packaging, which makes it a great little gift idea for yourself or for others.

Архитекторам и дизайнерам, применяющим в своей работе светильники Foscarini, предоставим специальные условия на заказ. Архитекторы, проектировщики, дизайнеры - звоните чтобы обсудить возможные условия для вас.   

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Foscarini настольная лампа 245001 Foscarini настольная лампа 245001
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Россия, Москва и Московская обл., Москва
Дата публикации:
17 Dec 2014 - 00:41
в Марте [5], всего [102]
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