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Luceplan настольная лампа D13 в Москве

Luceplan настольная лампа D13Производитель Luceplan
colour shade: white
Soft skin + 33,18 Euro
Comfort green + 33,18 Euro
Mistic White + 33,18 Euro
Edgy Pink + 33,18 Euro
Shaded Stone + 33,18 Euro
black + 51,85 Euro
Smart yellow + 33,18 Euro
Petroleum blue + 33,18 Euro
Concrete Grey + 51,85 Euro
Primary Red + 33,18 Euro
Структура alu
white + 6,79 Euro

In Costanza “the switch has moved!” The lamp uses a sensorial dimmer rod-switch close to the light, which only has to be lightly touched to adjust its on-off intensity through four levels of brightness. The light and washable shade, resting on two points of balance and therefore capable of oscillating if bumped, diffuses a warm and pleasant light. Its unmistakable, subtle but structurally solid profile fits naturally into any interior, thanks also to the telescopic rod that can be adjusted to different heights. Costanza poses no restraints on matching styles. It is fascinating and inimitable and can recreate the most traditionally accepted atmospheres as a domestic image. It is always in the vanguard with its refined technology. Its square aluminium base, treated with rotational brushing, highlights the quality and distinction of its material. Dimable. Luceplan was set up with the object of creating and producing interior and exterior lighting and to enhance the quality of living. Our philosophy: research, attention to details, designing the life cycle, respecting the environment; This is the version with dimmer and adjustable height;

Архитекторам и дизайнерам, применяющим в своей работе светильники Luceplan, предоставим специальные условия на заказ. Архитекторы, проектировщики, дизайнеры - звоните чтобы обсудить возможные условия для вас.   

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+8 (800) 100-39-72 бесплатно
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Luceplan настольная лампа D13 Luceplan настольная лампа D13
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Под заказ
Россия, Москва и Московская обл., Москва
Дата публикации:
13 Dec 2014 - 00:58
в Феврале [2], всего [107]
Купить Luceplan настольная лампа D13 вы сможете по адресу: город Москва, ул. Каспийская, 12

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